Dear Members and Followers,

During this workshop we will learn the correct techniques for using fibre tip pens (markers). This will include two alphabets and simple illustrations.
In the afternoon we will complete some calligraphic exercises and small commercial signs.

Saturday 16 February 2019
Sylvania Community Hall, Canberra Road, Sylvania
10am to 4pm
Tutor: Helen Warren
Cost: Non-Mmebers - $55.00
Bookings & More Information:

Copyrighted Helen Warren

Copyrighted Helen Warren
Materials List;

All felt pens you have plus:
Artline 70, Artline 90, Staedler duo, Pkt $2 coloured markers, cheap practice paper (cartridge from discount shops is good). Yellow highlighter.

Employees of Biblioteca Angelica Demonstrate a Book that Opens Six Different Ways

Dear Members and Followers,

This 17th-century dos-a-dos structure opens in six directions. The video gives an idea of the beauty and refined technique with which this artifact was created. It is a true masterpiece of printing and bookbinding crafts.

Calliarts - Double Pencils

Dear Members and Followers,

Your not seeing double, we are actually learning how to write with double pencils!

For our first Calliart of 2019 we will put our pencils to work to examine some of the many applications of double pencils. They can be used for text, headings, decorated letters, cut-out letters and adapted to several letter forms.

Saturday 9 February 2019
1pm to 4pm
Sylvania Community Hall, Canberra Road, Sylvania
Cost $10.00
Tutor - Gloria Scott

Materials List:
You will need your usual calligraphy gear, plus two 2B pencils, a sharpener, clean rubber, coloured pencils, textas and/or gouache paints or coloured pens. Plus craft blade, cutting mat if they have one, small scissors, UHU glue stick or tube, and some off-cuts of gift wrap paper or similar.

Copyright Gloria Scott

Copyright Gloria Scott

Copyright Gloria Scott

Happy New Year and Pens Up

Dear Members and Followers,

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you had a safe Christmas and holiday period and are ready to start your calligraphy adventures for 2019!

We have a packed year with local and visiting tutors so stay in touch for Calliarts and Workshop updates!

Quills and Calligraphy Masterclass

Dear Members and Followers,

If you are lucky enough to be in London in January try to book in to this course offered by the British Library.

Learn the art of quill making and calligraphy
Course date: Saturday 26 January

Time: 10.00 – 17.00

This one-day course is a chance for beginners and those with some experience to learn how to write Uncials as in the St Cuthbert Gospel displayed in our Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms exhibition. All tools and materials will be provided and ink and broad-edged nibs will be used to create the letter-forms. The course covers the basic principles of calligraphy, and exemplars and worksheets are provided for you to work on during the day and then take home as an aide-memoire or for further study. In the afternoon, learn how to cut your own quill and write with it, how to prepare vellum (calfskin) for writing, and use your quill to write a name on vellum in Uncials.