Dear Members and Followers,

Please congratulate Valerie and Kay on their wins at the Royal Easter Show

Kay Pittman

Valerie Keevers

World War I in Pen and Brush

Dear Members and Followers,

This is a must for your diaries.

Calligraphy Southscribes presents World War I in Pen and Brush. This exhibition will present the stories of men and women who played a part in the First World War and may be not as well known but are just as important.

April 16 to  April 28 2015 at Hazelhurst Art Gallery Gymea.

AGM and Calliarts. Plus a Goodbye and Thank You

Dear Members and Follower,

14 March sees our AGM role around again.
Like all groups we only survive by the generously donated time and skills of its members. We are losing some of those skills this year and need others to fill the roles left vacant. Can you help?

After lunch we have our second Calliarts afternoon, this time we are getting you organised for Easter with some Japanese Paper Easter Eggs. Sounds interesting doesn't it?

And finally this will be my last post as the Blog Mistress for Calligraphy Southscribes.
I am taking over the Treasurer's role and hopefully while I am in the counting house, someone else will be exploring the world of calligraphy and sharing it with you on our blog.

So thank you for stopping by and reading what we and the world of calligraphy is up to. But continue to call in for more news. Regards, Cathy!

Calliarts and Modern Uncial

Dear Members and Followers,

Saturday 14 February was our first meeting and Calliarts afternoon for the year. Yours truly had the pleasure of sharing my version of Modern Uncial with a group of members and a new recruit. Demonstrating on the board and helping everyone with their ovals, the time just flew by and lots of great letters were lettered.

Letters and words in Colour

Practice, practice, practice.

What are you up to?

The tutor (centre) in the break discussing the inspiration for the class.

Our Library Presents - Friends With Benefits

Dear Members and Followers,

One of the benefits of belonging to Calligraphy Southscribes is that we are friends with other Calligraphy groups Australia and New Zealand wide and get to share their magazines with them. Here is what has just hit the shelves.
Lots of workshop reviews in this issue plus out and about in Scotland, an article on International Paper sizes and what is on their agenda for 2015.

Workshop report, their Christmas Party, the Wisdom of Saint Benedict, Stick Ink for Beginners. And medieval desktops and calligraphy on the big screen.
Calligraphy workshop reports, a School Letters day, Massimo and calligraphy plus a Chinese Calligraphy report. Books by Hand and Lunch.

Wet your appetite? Come along to one of the meetings and read over lunch or browse through the back issues.