June Calliarts & Workshop - Spencerian – Valerie Keevers

Dear Members and Followers,

Join us for an introduction to the Spencerian Script with Valerie Keevers.

Spencerian script is an American handwriting style developed from the English Roundhand or Copperplate and is often called Engrossing script.  It is softer than formal Copperplate and has more freedom in the letterform.  It is still taught in American schools rather than the printing style taught in our schools today. 

Copyrighted Glenis Sheather

Venue: Sylvania Community Hall, Canberra Rd Sylvania
Date : 8 June 2019 - Calliarts
Time: 1pm to 4pm
Cost: $10.00
Venue: Sylvania Community Hall, Canberra Rd Sylvania
Date : 15 June 2019 - Full Day Workshop
Time: 10 am to 4pm
Cost: $45.00 members & $55.00 non-members

More Info: southscribes@yahoo.com.au

Material List:
A3 or A4 bleed proof pad or good quality copy paper, (not recycled).
An elbow pen holder or straight pen holder.
An elbow nib or any Copperplate nib of choice, Stiffer type works better. (Photo below).
An HB sharp pencil and ruler.
Chinese Ink or Gouache.  Fountain Pen Ink is often too thin for sharp lines.
Small water jar and tissues. Or rag for wiping nib.

Proudly Supported by Sutherland Shire Council

Double Pencils in February

Dear Members and Followers,

The first Calliarts for the year was Double Pencils with Gloria. Personally I am always perplexed with double pencils as I can never seem able to join the lines together to create that three dimensional affect that you are looking for but judging by the number of people who attended the afternoon it is a popular lettering form. Gloria started the afternoon by explaining the basic knowledge required to create a successful piece of lettering with double pencils; this included how to join the two pencils together, the correct position to hold the pencils in and what techniques to use to enable the creation of larger or smaller letters.
After a quick coffee break it was back to work, at which time Gloria supplied an exemplar of a style of gothic lettering created using double pencils. We worked our way through the alphabet and then some of us chose one letter to work on, allowing us to create a finished piece. I had chosen an ‘M’ to use as a decoration for a card I had created. Gloria had kindly brought in lots of wrapping and handmade paper that was at our disposal to draw our letters onto and some excellent results ensued. What I imagined to be an afternoon of double trouble turned out to be double the fun.