Akim Cursive

Dear Members and Followers,

The Calliarts for July is being conducted by yours truly and will be Akim Cursive.

Akim letters were created by German calligrapher, sculptor and musician, Hans-Joachim Burget. Burget was quoted as saying that “We need a cursive hand, as all cultures have, as a dynamic medium to get away from all the very serious Roman soldiers marching so proudly in their lines.”
Akim Cursive is a lovely gentle hand that is said to replicate the rhythm of the human heart. Constructed with a pointed pen, it is a useful script to have in your show of hands.

Materials List:

  • Pointed pen (no chisel nibs please)
  • Ink and/or gouache
  •  Pencil
  •  Ruler
  •  Palette for gouache
  •  Brushes for mixing and loading your pen
  •  Haiku poem/s
  • A piece or pieces of good paper
  • Any pieces of your suminagashi paper you would like to use
  • Usual calligraphy gear

One Day Workshop - Japanese Stab Binding

Dear Members and Followers,

June is looking like a great month for being booked (sorry could not help myself). As our one day workshop for June is another day of books:

This is a traditional binding which dates to the early 1600’s and can have a variety of uses such as a photo album, diary or notebook. 
The photo below is a very basic version but there are lots of things you can do to decorate the cover such as using coloured thread, adding beads, gluing on decorative paper. It only stops with your imagination.
In its simplest form, which we shall be doing it is not too difficult. If you are intending to use this binding for your “Word of the Month” I strongly recommend that you try to attend this workshop as it is the best method to bind all our words and it will be difficult to do it from scratch in an afternoon Caliart in October.
All rights - Penny Laver


We will first do a “mock up” so you can get used to the stitching pattern and then a second book with better paper if you wish. The book will be a landscape format

·         20 x A5 sheets, A4 photocopy paper is ideal for your mock up, cut in half as the grain direction is then correct. I have said 20 pages but you can make it as thick or thin as you like, if you go thicker just bear in mind your awl has to go through the whole thickness and the covers.

·         For your second book you can use any paper you like but make sure your grain direction is correct for a landscape binding

·         For each book – 2 x A5 light card – 140 – 160 gsm is good, Canson Mei- teintes works well. Whatever colour you would like. Again be mindful of your grain direction.


·         Sewing thread – this can be embroidery thread or similar to contrast with your covers. You can use a thicker thread if you wish but be sure that the eye of your needle is big enough for it to go through.

·         A needle.

·         A punch or heavy duty awl – you will need something strong enough to go through the text block and both covers together. If you don’t have anything suitable I will bring some punches.

·         A small hammer – if you have one – again I will bring one if you don’t have one.

·         Scissors

·         Cutting mat – if you have an old one bring that as when you punch the holes a mark may be left on the cutting mat. Alternately if you have a few small pieces of very thick cardboard bring that to protect the cutting mat or even an old plastic kitchen cutting board.

·         Ruler

·         Pencil

·         Bone folder

·         Small clamps if you have them and/or some strong bulldog clips. The covers and text block need to be held very firmly as you punch the holes through.

·         If you want to add some decoration to your covers you can bring some small pieces of decorative paper, small beads or ribbon etc.

·         A glue stick if you are going to add some decorative paper.

Vale - Fran McKirdy

Dear Members and Followers,

It is with a heavy heart that I advise that one of our dear Patrons, Fran McKirdy passed away yesterday, 31 May 2016.

For those of you who didn't know Fran, she was a lovely lady and a passionate calligrapher who will be sadly missed by all who knew her.