Small Group - BIG Winners

Dear Members and Followers,

A big shout out to our members who did so well at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the calligraphy section.
For such a small group we can be very proud of our big achievements.

Western Calligraphy Novice - 

3rd Prize - Vesna - Time
Highly Commended - Vesna - Zebra

Western Calligraphy Open - Traditional - 

3rd Prize - Felicity
Highly Commended - Gloria - Fairy Wings
Highly Commended - Valerie - My Dragon

Western Calligraphy  Open - Contemporary / Experimental

3rd Prize - Karina - Greek Meanderings

  Western Calligraphy Open - Off the Wall

3rd Prize - Penny - Catullus

Felicity's winning piece - All rights reserved - copyrighted


Calliarts - Colour and the Colour Wheel

Dear Members and Followers,

What a serendipitous moment that we bring you a Calliarts based on Colour as the season changes into Autumn and nature works with a limited palate.

This afternoon is tutored by Gloria who reveals:


When deciding to use colour in calligraphy and artwork we need to understand colour and how it works. In this three-hour workshop we will create a colour wheel from primary to secondary, tertiary and associated tints, shades and tones. A few simple exercises will lead from brush to pen and writing colour on colour. With just three primary colours at our fingertips we become magicians!

We look forward to seeing you on the 10 March 2018.

Costs and materials list on the Workshops page.


Calliarts is held at Sylvania Community Hall - Canberra Road, Sylvania
Calligraphy Southscribes Inc, proudly supported by Sutherland Shire Council