Teensy, Weensy with Julie Williams

Dear Members and Followers,

We are spoilt for choice for lettering courses and workshops in February. Another one to add to your list is 'Teensy, Weensy' with Julie Williams.

We will discover the most successful ways to ‘write small’ on paper using a variety of nibs and other tools. We will turn to some of the pages from the beautiful Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta created in 1561-1562 for inspiration. Students will draw on their knowledge of classic scripts such as italic, roman and foundational hand, as well as scripts in the Mira Calligraphiae as the basis for their lettering styles. Beginners are very welcome, however they should have a basic knowledge of how to use a chisel nib with ink and one style of calligraphic script. A series of smaller “postcards” will be made by students to keep for future reference.

2016 Begins With ......

Dear Members and Followers,

Did Santa bring you a calligraphy set and you want to know how to use it?

Did you promise yourself to practice your calligraphy more as your New Year's Resolution?

Perhaps, at the stroke of midnight you said I want try something new!

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Calligraphy Southscribes can help.

Our lettering courses, one day workshops and Calliarts commence again in February.

Calliart Workshop - Make your Own Envelopes - Gloria Scott - 13 February 2016

In this workshop we will be making envelopes of various sizes, for cards, bookmarks, flat pack gifts and small gift cards. Note: Materials list will be available one week before the workshop.

Textura - Blackletter - 13th - 16th Century - Six Week Lettering Workshop - Gloria Scott - 
17 February - 23 March 2016

Textura, taken from the Latin, meaning texture or fabric, refers to the overall appearance of the writing on paper. Textura script was the most calligraphic form of Blackletter and was used throughout Western Europe well into the 17th Century.
The letters are vertical and parallel, the negative space between the letters is the dame width as the vertical pen strokes.

 Important Notice - We need a minimum number for a workshop or lettering course to run, failure to reach that minimum a week before the start date will result in the course or class being cancelled. Book early!

Colouring the Ending of 2015

Dear Members and Followers,

The last course for 2015 was on Colour, a necessary component of every calligraphers toolkit. It was therefore surprising that we only had eight participants for this final course though it was better than the original four, that we thought we were going to have.

Originally the course was supposed to be six weeks long, with three tutors completing two weeks of instruction each. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Gloria kindly stepped up to run a modified four weeks when circumstances prevented the other two tutors from teaching.

We commenced with learning about warm and cool colours and created a colour chart within both spectrums. We learnt what happened when we added white to a colour and then the difference when adding black and discovered the results of adding just water, and then more water to a colour.

The class gained from Gloria's vast knowledge of colour and the use of it acquired not only from calligraphy, but also from her botanical studies. We wound the four weeks up with experimenting with colour calligraphy on colour backgrounds and an exercise in colour graduation on black.

Thank you to Gloria for conducting the fours at short notice so that the class could go ahead and for sharing her wealth of knowledge.