Dear Members and Followers,

The Calliart workshop on 2 April was a fun afternoon using masking fluid, which is sometimes called resist.  After an introduction I demonstrated how to write with the masking fluid, which I allowed to dry before applying a wash of watercolour and then, when the paint had dried, removing the resist with my finger tip.  Then it was time for all participants to play.  I encouraged students to do all their resist writing first, reminding them to rinse their nibs frequently and then thoroughly cleaning their nibs when they had finished writing.  The results were lovely and varied, with some students concentrating on single words while others used their resist letters as background and wrote over them with ink.  Using Coleus leaves dipped in paint and then stamped onto the work before removing the resist proved very popular with some students.  I hope all participants had as much fun doing this workshop as I had tutoring it.

Calliarts June 11 - Miniature Books with Valerie Keevers.

Dear Members and Followers,

The afternoon calliarts for this month is Miniature Books with Valerie Keevers.

This little circle hinged book is great for notes, little presents, collated photos of things that interest, quick sketching etc.  It has a great advantage in that it is easy to add and remove pages, works well in this square format and as a rectangular book for long pages that fold out.  Simple and quick to make it is handy to have in your armoury of small books.

Materials for Hinged Books.
  • Covers.  2 pieces of card 12cm X 12cm heavy enough to protect inner pages.
  • Card covering.  Any paper suitable eg. Marbled, Japanese, paste etc. 2 pieces 15 cm X 15 cm.
  • Pages.  Minimum of 8 pages 11cm X 11 cm.  Reflex or lined paper 80gsm, Canson  paper, Watercolour 110 gsm or any paper, any colour you have, depends on what use the book will have. Eg. Notebook, art book, photos. 
  • End papers.  Can be same as cover paper, pages or contrasting colour.
  • Hinges 2 will be supplied at $1.00 cost.
  • Usual stuff.
Pencil, ruler, shiny paper for glueing, glue brush and PVA if you have.
Bone folder, Leather Punch (can use mine, don't buy one) steel ruler,
Sharp craft knife and small cutting mat unless you prepare book pages etc. at home.
Scissors and some grease proof paper.

If paper and card prepared at home you will have time to make several books of any size, so bring more papers, card etc.  I have four sizes for you to see, 22x16cm, 18x12cm, 11.5x10.5cm and 6.5x5.5cm.  The largest book requires 3 hinges as will any book larger than this.