August Calliarts - Gestural Writing - Tutor: Gloria Scott.

Dear Members and Followers,

Many calligraphers develop their own particular rhythm when executing a favourite letterform, and this rhythm gives a 'flow' to their work. 
It seems to come more easily, so the results are often recognised as the work of that writer.  Everyone develops a personal distinctive 'hand' and quite a lot of longhand lettering is already gestural in a loosely
open, sometimes disconnected way.  In calligraphic terms Gestural writing stems from a recognised letterform in a freely moving open style with a rhythm extending from wrist, arm, shoulder movements.

There are no strict pen widths, pen angles or slope rules.  Generally the x height is one of individual choice and is shorter than the majuscules.

Gestural writing involves adaptations of an alphabet with extension of strokes, variable letter strokes, sweeping ascenders and descenders, space and rhythm.  There are some cursive letterforms that lend
themselves very easily to Gestural writing: Italic, Akim, Bookhand and Uncial.

Saturday 13 August - 1pm to 4pm. $10.00 - Sylvania Community Hall

Materials required, The usual calligraphy gear A3 layout, slope board, ink or gouache (please have the gouache mixed, ready to use) Writing tools soft graphite pencil, 2B or B biro fine liner 0.2 or 0.4 or both post office nib Optional nibs To give more emphasis on some strokes you could use an Elbow nib/holder Speedball C3 Mitchell 203


Dear Members and Followers,

Our next workshop is Rotunda:

Saturdays, 30 July & 27 August 2016
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Cost:  $100 for members, $120 for non-members
Tutor:  Glenis Sheather

The third script in our series of Gothic lettering workshops is Rotunda.  Sometimes referred to as round Gothic, Rotunda is a softer letter form than Textura.  This elegant script was used as a bookhand in medieval and renaissance Italy, remaining popular until the 18th Century.  We will work through the alphabet, look at alternative capital letters, to which we will add decoration, and work with colour to produce small projects.


·           Chisel edged nib, ideally a William Mitchell 2, Speedball 3, Brause 2 or similar size.

·           Ink of choice, preferably non-waterproof.

·           A3 size Bleedproof or Bond Layout Pad.

·           Usual calligraphy gear.