April - Calliarts and Workshop - Have you booked in yet?

Dear Members and Followers,

Don't go to sleep after all that chocolate over the Easter Break, stir up your senses with two great lettering days.

The first is our calliarts afternoon with Glenis:

14th – Calliarts – Ribbon Writing – Glenis Sheather

Gather your graphite and coloured pencils in readiness for what promises to be a fun afternoon of “ribbon writing”. These drawn and coloured letters will look as though they have been formed by twisted ribbon and can be used for greeting cards, envelopes, place cards and decorative headings. This workshop will be a great opportunity to get your creative juices flowing as you play with pencils, watercolour pencils and/or gouache or water colours.

Materials List:                                                                                                                                    

·         Layout Pad

·         Ruler

·         HB or 2B graphite pencil

·         Tracing Paper

·         Fine point black Pilot marker (0.05)

·         Coloured pencils of choice, OR watercolour pencils, OR gouache/watercolours.  If using watercolour pencils or paints you  will need a fine paint brush.

·         A few smallish pieces of good quality paper (e.g. Canson Mi-teints or 300 gsm Arches or similar) - off-cuts would be ideal.

·         Cutting Mat

·         Cutting Blade

       After that is our one day workshop on Ampersands with Valerie:   
     21st – One Day Workshop – Ampersands - Valerie Keevers

     The word ampersand is a corruption of the Latin phrase ‘and per se and’ written as E T which has become known as the symbol &. The letters E and T are written to form a ligature and can be traced back to the 1st century. In the workshop we will look at the development of this symbol throughout the ages to the symbol & that we recognise today and, in the afternoon, we will produce a decorated form on watercolour paper.

·         3 Chisel Pens, small medium, large.  (Any variety or felt pens)
·         Black Ink.
·         Bleed proof Practice Pad.
·         1 or 2 pieces of A5 Watercolour Paper.
·         Watercolour or Gouache paints, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black (or any colours you have).
·         Smallish pointed paint brush and a mixing brush.
·         Palette or plastic plate.
·         2 small water jars.
·         Sheet tracing paper.
·         Pencil, eraser, ruler.
·         Fine Black Liner.
·         If you have a ‘Fluid Writer’ pen please bring it along.  DO NOT buy one especially.

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