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Postscript - October - November 2015
On Calligraphy by Alan Loney - the Guest Speaker at their 'Behind the Lines' exhibition. Is the writing in the wall for handwriting? Antony Funnell investigates. And workshop reports - Little Things and Fraktur.
 The Dancing Pen - Spring 2015 - No. 109
The official website for the Society was officially launched 7 August 2015 -
A review of their exhibition - 'The Word Around the Square Is .....' 2015
Christine Farmer takes the reader through the society's first Back to Basics - Foundational. Italic session in February 2016, should be just as interesting.
Recipe and technique for Paste Paper, the Milk and Ink effect, and Sumungasashi.

Colophon - September 2015 - Vol. 36. No. 4
With Vincent Jeanerot visiting the ASC, they publish a review of Vincent's workshop 'Perfect Peonies and Captivating Camellias!' The illustrations are exquisite. 2015 is the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta, so Margaret Layson writes about the copy she made for the committee touring schools and colleges around the country. Also included 'Introducing Ironshizuku Inks' and A Modern Batarde Script - Workshop by Lexie Arlington.