ART DECO WORKSHOP – August 2016. Tutor: Glenis Sheather

Dear Members and Followers,

A small group of enthusiasts spent the day experimenting with ART DECO style capitals and patterns.  Glenis, as usual, gave a very inspired demonstration of techniques to master this striking letter form, encouraging us to try different applications and materials.    Many rewarding and colourful results were produced with this versatile script.  Thank you Glenis for an enjoyable and challenging day.
Report:  Meril


Dear Members and Followers,

August gets arty with our workshop this month:


20 August 2016
Tutor:  Glenis Sheather

The Art Deco period was one of style and elegance, emphasising sleek lines and geometrical shapes and patterns.  This workshop provides an opportunity to step back into that stylish era by working on some Art Deco style capital letters that work well with monoline scripts.  Two pens are used to create the letters and it is suggested you use a 5.0 mm pigmented marker and a 0.50 mm pigmented fine-line marker of the same colour in the first instance.  A 5 mm broad-edged nib and a rigid pointed nib, such as a Post Office nib, could also be used with ink or gouache once you have mastered the letters.   A materials list will be circulated closer to the workshop.


·         Pens
                These letters are formed using a combination of a broad-edged felt tip pen and a fine liner pigment pen in the same colour.  I used the 5mm end of a Zig Duo Calligraphy pen (available at Riot, Miranda Fair) and a 0.5mm fine liner for my exemplar.  You could also use the 3.5mm end of a Staedtler Duo pen (available at Eckersley’s) with a 0.4mm fine liner.*

·         1 x A4 sheet of tracing paper.

·         Layout Pad

·         Plastic rulers:  a regular sized one for ruling guide lines and a short one (only if you have one) to use for the letters.

·         HB or 2B pencil

·         A couple of A5 or A4 sheets of better quality paper if you wish to do a piece of work using the Art Deco lettering.

*It is best to start off using felt tip pens for these letters.  However, if you want to experiment with pen and ink, bring along a broad-edged nib measuring 3.5-5mm wide and either a Speedball B6 monoline nib or a rigid pointed nib such as a Post Office Nib and ink of your choice.