Word A Month - September - Rhythm

Dear Members and Followers,

As you will remember we are currently running a Word A Month project and the word to be brought along to September was Rhythm. Did we have some rhythm? Check out below and see!

It's All 'Bout the News, 'Bout the News

Dear Members and Followers,

Just a quick reminder about what is happening out there, with some soon closing exhibitions and some new ones opening soon.

'Inspiration by Design'
Word and Imagine from the Victoria and Albert Museum London - 150 years of collecting includes rare medieval manuscripts.

 Closes September 27 2015

'Australian Inspiration'
Drawing on the Library’s rich collections, this exhibition focuses on how the waratah, the koala and Australia’s most recognizable building, the Sydney Opera House, have become invaluable sources of inspiration and design.

Royal Botanic Gate Lodge
'Artisans in the Garden'
Exhibition of contemporary jewellery,ceramics, glass, textiles and sculpture.
This year’s exhibition focuses on the artist’s engagement with nature. The  works draw inspiration from the beauty and complexity of the natural environment, and issues surrounding sustainability and environmental concerns.


Calligraphy Southscribes Workshop Update - 

Pen Guilding has now been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. 
Join us for the rest of the classes for this year.

September Meeting Summary

Dear Members and Followers,

Here is the latest from the committee:

Workshops: There are 5 participants in the current Rustic lettering course and 4 bookings for the Jerusalem hand on 17th October. There are no bookings at present for the next lettering course, Colour Calligraphy commencing on the 21st October, but this has not been advertised yet. Meril is away from 28th September to 11th November so Pat has agreed to take workshop bookings/enquiries for that period. (email president@calligraphysouthscribes.com.au)
Valerie will be away for the workshop scheduled for 21st November, “Pen Gilding and Other Techniques” as this was an extra workshop it was agreed that it would be cancelled.
The tutors for the for the next lettering course, Colour Calligraphy commencing on the 21st October will be Pat for weeks 1,2 and 3 and Gloria for weeks 4,5 and 6.
I do encourage you to book in for the Colour Calligraphy course, the correct use of colour is something we all need to be proficient at as it can really enhance a piece of work as well as being fun. We have two expert tutors to guide you through this 6 weeks.
Workshop Bookings: Please email your booking and payment information (including the code) to Meril Bowyer at meril@bowyer.com.au or post to PO Box 714 Caringbah 1495. Direct debit details are available if you prefer to pay electronically.
Our first e-magazine has been sent out which has been a great success, congratulations to Pat and Cathy for a job well done. The next magazine will be in December. Penny has agreed to assist in the next one as Cathy no longer has time to do it. Please look out for any articles, good web sites etc that might be worth putting in. It is your magazine and can’t happen without people contributing. Email suggestions/articles to Penny plaver100@gmail.com
Membership: the membership remains at 24 financial members and 5 life members.
Blog: There were 710 page views this month, most being for Calliart followed by workshops. With The USA having the most viewers after Australia.
Social Activities: A tour of the QVB was held on Monday 14th with 8 people attending, it was most interesting and we had a most enjoyable lunch afterwards. Do try to attend these outings as it is a great way to get together on an informal basis.
25th Anniversary 2016. A letter and a short survey will be sent to present and some past members. This invites them to take part in our celebrations next year. If you have any contact details for any past members that you think may be interested please let Valerie know. secretary@calligraphysouthscribes.com
Joint weekend away with an allied group. Following a very productive and enjoyable weekend away at Youthworks Pat suggested that we could consider combining with this group to have a similar weekend(s) next year, as we are too small a group to do this on own. This could again be at Youthworks (in the National Park) or The Tops at Stanwell Tops.
It was agreed that this was a good idea and we will keep it in mind for next year.
Joint Exhibition with Continuum
 The venue for this is Club on East from Thursday 14th April to Sunday 17th April with no cost for hire.
 We will need to run our own roster to be present from 10am to 4pm on each day except the Saturday which is a committee meeting day and the organisers have been advised of this
 Works can be NFS, whether they must be framed is yet to be advised.
 We must organise hanging and contribute to the cost of the screens.
 There will be no commission taken by the club, just 10% by Southscribes.
 Can enter any works, there is no theme.
 The person on duty needs to count the number of visitors.
 We are able to use our own tablecloth.
 Continuum will advertise in the National Trust magazine as we are under their umbrella

CSS We had an informal discussion as about what we would do should the Society wind up at some future date. This will be formally be discussed at the October Committee meeting with a possibility of a special meeting following the AGM 2016
Calliart: the next Calliart is 10th October “Pens and their Uses” with Valerie – a very good one to attend.
WORD OF THE MONTH FOR OCTOBER IS FRIENDSHIP – a bit of a challenge as it is a long word, start thinking, we had some great ones for rhythm.
Penny Laver
Minutes Secretary
Calligraphy Souithscribes


Sydney sparkled on a sunny winter’s day as seven members made their way to the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Library at Wharf 7, Darling Harbour to see the Mary Rose Scroll.  The scroll is the work of four calligraphers from the Australian Society of Calligraphers and/or Calligraphy Southscribes, and was produced during the 1994 Mary Rose exhibition.  The Mary Rose was one of Henry VIII’s warships which sank in 1545 and was salvaged in 1982.

Calligraphers Rod Byatt, Loretta Casaceli, Judi Dong and Joy Marden worked in shifts on the scroll for a month, with visitors to the exhibition watching on.  When the scroll was completed it was put on display for the duration of the exhibition, after which it was packed away.  However, earlier this year it was resurrected, much like the Mary Rose, and placed on display in the Museum’s library.

The large work consists of three distinct sections.  The first gives the history of the Tudor succession to the throne and is written in an Italic hand in black ink; the second section, outlining the life of Henry VIII, is written in a Batard script in green gouache, while the third describes the fate of the Mary Rose, written in a Gothicised Italic in black ink.  Artwork on the scroll ranges from subtle columns of Tudor roses and other flora to bold heraldic and other symbols of the Tudors and Henry’s six wives.  The colours are still vibrant and only the gilding is showing minor deterioration.

We marvelled at the amount of work that must have gone into this striking work.  The library staff was happy to let us spend as much time as we wished studying the scroll and assured us that if the library ever moves from its current premises the scroll will be going with them.

Thank you Mirielle for all your hard work in organising a most enjoyable outing.