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This is an exhibition that looks to be worth noting in your diaries!

What's Lost as Handwriting Fades

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As the electronic age speeds ahead, one wonders about the future and will we need handwriting.

This NY Times article asks "Does Handwriting Matter?"


  Michael Mabry

Stop the Presses - Magazine Latest

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Looking at the latest offerings from the magazines we have received:

Alphabetical Order - Canberra Calligraphy Society - May 2014
There are pictures from the Canberra Show, reviews of workshops; Classic Roman with Marg Peachey, Neuland with Olive Bull, Surface Design and Carolingian with Elaine Whitton and finally Variations on Uncial.

The Colophon - Australian Society of Calligraphiers
A profile on president Bob Howe, From the studio of Deirdre Hassed (a must read for our weekend workshop), the Ditchling Museum (of Art and Craft), the Sydney Royal Easter Show - 2014 Arts & Crafts and Workshop reviews of Olive Bull and Heidi Willis.

The Dancing Pen - Calligraphy Society of Tasmania - Winter 2014
A review of the CLAS 2013 festival (2014 is in August), Workshop Reviews of Christine Farmer's Dry Layering, Luca Barcellona's Making Marks with Natural Objects, finishing with the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts exhibition  'Stuffing the Porcupine - An Exhibition of Tasmanian books and Ephemera.