May Summary


Workshops:  The continuation of the Italic Lettering Course is proceeding well with 8   participants. There have been no other bookings for future workshops at this time, Meril will send out an email reminder and Gloria will encourage her evening class to participate in Calliart and workshops.
The next workshop, Modern Carolingian with Pat Moody, will be at the SUSS Club at Sutherland on the 20th June 10am to 4pm.
Please consider booking in for some workshops and attending the Calliart afternoons, it is your society and we need
your support to keep it viable.

Workshop Bookings: Please email your booking and payment information (including the code) to Meril Bowyer at or post to PO Box 714 Caringbah 1495. Direct debit details are available if you prefer to pay electronically.

Magazine It was decided that we would try to maintain a basic newsletter to go out bi- monthly, with eg the presidents report, workshop information and reports and some photos. Those without email will receive a hard copy as before. It is anticipated that the first newsletter will be out in the first week of June. This will only be sent to those who have renewed their membership

Membership: Our current membership stands at 20 financial members and 5 life members. It is pleasing to report that we have 3 new members, 2 from Pat’s Community College class and one from Gloria’s Italic Lettering Course. However it is disappointing that so far only 17 members have renewed their membership. Glenis has sent reminders and membership renewal forms to those members who have not as yet renewed their membership in the hope that they will do so.  For those who do not renew their membership this will be the last summary you will receive.

Social Activities: We have received an email from the Maritime Museum regarding the Mary Rose Exhibition. The social secretary may consider organising a visit. More details when they become available.

Hazelhurst Exhibition. This was a resounding success with many compliments, such as “one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen” from one visitor and similar. The subject seemed to strike a chord with many people. Fifteen calligraphers produced 36 pieces of work which was a wonderful effort and 10 were sold. The President of the ASC mentioned what a great exhibition it was at their committee meeting. A very big thank you to all those who worked so hard to submit pieces and to “mind the shop” at the exhibition in spite of the appalling weather on a couple of days.
We are putting in a submission to move the exhibition to the Dragon’s Lair next year. There is a possibility that we may be able to hang some extra pieces so keep thinking of anything else you may wish to do.

Calliart: A fun afternoon was had by all making paste paper with Kath McEwen. It was very pleasing to see a new member and two guests who participated and another new member who came in to meet us. A big thank you to Kath who spent a great deal of time in meticulous preparation of all the materials.

Next Committee meeting:  Saturday 13th June.

World War 1 in Pen & Brush - A Great Success at Hazlehurst!!!!

Congratulations to everyone in Calligraphy Southscribes on such an amazing and successful Exhibition !

Comments heard were :

" it is so moving"   " I wish I could do that"   'that must take hours"

                     "just loved the way the works were hung"      

                            " poppies are for remembrance "  "

"some really beautiful pieces'"     " loved the inclusion of women"

    " the nurses stories were extremely well researched and told"

    AND - 9 works to date have been sold - congratulations!