Copperplate Decoration

Dear Members and Followers,

Join us for the Calliarts Afternoon on Saturday 12 July when Glenis will guide us through the finer art of Copperplate Decoration.

There are many variations of Copperplate capital letters, from the basic to the very ornate.  In this workshop we will start with the elegant basic capitals and then start adding flourishing and simple decoration to give us some truly beautiful letters.  A working knowledge of Copperplate is necessary for this workshop.  However, for those members who have not done Copperplate, I will have some exercises for flourishing with a broad edged nib.  This type of flourishing can be used with scripts such as Italic.
Materials required are:  your favourite pointed nib/holder, a 2B or HB pencil, a fine pointed paint brush, ink and/or gouache of your choice, usual calligraphy gear.

Examples of Copperplate Decoration - All rights remain with the artist - Glenis Sheather

Flag Book and Tunnel Book

Dear Members and Followers,

Please join us on Saturday 28 June for an interesting day of book making. Details below:

Flag Book and Tunnel Book, Tutor : Penny Laver

These two books are based on the use of the concertina fold to form the spine of the book.

The Flag Book The flag book was invented by Hedi Kyle in the 1970’s.When pages are added to each of the concertina folds, half are facing one direction and half the other. This is a very versatile format often used to create fragmented imagery, but also lends itself to exploration of colour and form. In this workshop you will be using a basic construction using colours, you will then be able to develop the ideas you wish.

The Tunnel Book During the Renaissance the fascination with perspective and optical experiments led to the exploration of perspective within boxes, where peepholes were used to view layered miniature scenes.
By the 16th & 17th centuries, smaller versions were used by travelling entertainers. It is likely that the concertina sides emerged as a way of making the books more portable, though this development did not come to light until the middle of the 19th century. The modern tunnel book therefore has a rich history and can be adapted in a variety of ways. In this workshop we will be making a basic five panel tunnel book with a case bound cover.
( Notes courtesy of Heather Weston).

An example of a flag book - all rights remain with the Artist - Penny Laver

An example of a tunnel book - all rights remain with the Artist - Penny Laver 
More examples of other artist's flag and tunnel books can be found on the web.

Meeting and Calliarts

Dear Members and Followers,

Saturday 14 June sees this month's meeting at 10am to 12pm with the Calliarts afternoon from 1pm to 4pm. The letter form for this month is Drawn Roman with Pat Moody.
Please come along and participate.

Patricia Moody - Artist retains all rights.

Calligraphy - A Digital Interpretation

Dear Members and Followers,

Everyone has their own take on calligraphy so when a photographer describes it, you just know it will be interesting.