Quills and Calligraphy Masterclass

Dear Members and Followers,

If you are lucky enough to be in London in January try to book in to this course offered by the British Library.

Learn the art of quill making and calligraphy
Course date: Saturday 26 January

Time: 10.00 – 17.00

This one-day course is a chance for beginners and those with some experience to learn how to write Uncials as in the St Cuthbert Gospel displayed in our Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms exhibition. All tools and materials will be provided and ink and broad-edged nibs will be used to create the letter-forms. The course covers the basic principles of calligraphy, and exemplars and worksheets are provided for you to work on during the day and then take home as an aide-memoire or for further study. In the afternoon, learn how to cut your own quill and write with it, how to prepare vellum (calfskin) for writing, and use your quill to write a name on vellum in Uncials.


Medieval Hipsters

Dear Members and Followers,

This month many people are celebrating Movember, yet few imagine that one of the most detailed works on beards comes from the medieval period. The Church Fathers had thought about facial hair in moral and theological terms, while medieval theologians and clergymen debated whether communities of priests, monks and other clerics could grow beards at all. By the 12th century, canon law forbade Western clerics to grow beards, as beardlessness came to be associated with the purity and humility of angels. Laymen could grow beards if they wished, but that would mark them out even further from the clergy.

Pointing Towards a Calliarts and Workshop for November

Dear Members,

For our last month of the year please join us for a calliarts and workshop based on Pointed Gothic.

10th – Calliarts – An introduction to Pointed Gothic – Gloria Scott
In preparation for workshop on following Saturday 17th November, we will prepare for the full day workshop, beginning with guide lines for various nib widths, basic strokes and “shadow letterforms”.

17th – Workshop – Pointed Gothic – Gloria Scott
This is an attractive and versatile letterform. It has some very distinctive basic strokes that are not dissimilar to Batarde, with the internal counter space based on the Mandela almond shape. We will follow on from the preparatory exercises covered in our Calliart afternoon of the previous week, 10th November. As Christmas is just around the corner we will
"Create for Christmas", using this letterform for cards, bookmarks, gift wrap and other ideas for more formal or extended uses. This letterform has many applications, suitable for varying pen widths lettering. All levels of calligraphy are welcome.

Copyrighted Gloria Scott

 Materials List:

10 November – Calliarts - An Introduction to Pointed Gothic - Gloria Scott
In preparation for workshop on following Saturday 17th November.

Bring your usual gear, broad nib, Speedball 1 and Speedball 3 or similar, two 2B pencils.

17 November – Workshop – Pointed Gothic – Gloria Scott

Your usual Calligraphy gear, plus the pen nibs used at the previous Calliart introduction (i.e. broad nib, Speedball 1 and Speedball 3 or similar, two 2B pencils).

Colour ink or gouache, premixed for use with a pen nib

Some offcuts of suitable card for exercises, also one A4 piece of light card, Canson or watercolour paper, 180gsm.

A long strip of Canson or other similar paper , length 70cm + minimum width 15cm

Calligraphy Southscribes, Inc. is proudly supported by Sutherland Shire Council

Calligraphy Capers Exhibtion Is Here

Dear Members and Followers,

It is finally upon us, the latest exhibition by Calligraphy Southscribes.

Please visit us, show your support and enjoy some absolutely fantastic calligraphy!

Friday 19 October 2018 - 3 -5 pm
Saturday 20 October 2018 - 10 - 5 pm
Sunday 21 October 2018 - 10 - 4 pm

Calligraphy Southscribes is proudly supported by Sutherland Shire Council

Calliarts - October 2018

Dear Members and Followers,

The Calliarts for October is working bee for the Exhibition, in which we will be creating letters to decorate the exhibition hall with and to show the range of calligraphic styles available.

Today we will have fun drawing and painting large letters for use as decorative flags to brighten the hall walls. Black and white paper will be supplied. Bring any ideas or think about your favourite letter and how good it will look in the hall. Ideas will also be supplied that can be traced if you are not too sure how to go about things. Letters can be as fancy or plain as you like they just need to be colourful.

Materials List:

Usual kit of pencils, eraser, ruler etc.
Large pen nibs and paint/ ink if you do not want to draw letters.
Paints and brushes, water jar and tissue or rag.
Coloured pencils if you prefer not to paint.
White paint or bleedproof white ink for working on black paper.
Tracing paper.
Gold paint, gold foil and Glue base, Silver ink etc. if you want to give letter some highlights.
Proudly supported by Sutherland Shire Council