September Calliarts - Monoline Lettering

Dear Members and Followers,

We are back at it again with a new hand to learn.

Tutor:  Glenis Sheather

A monoline is a line that is of uniform width.  Therefore, all strokes of monoline letters are the same width; no thicks and thins.  Many writing implements can be used to create monoline letters, e.g. pencil, ball point pen, gel pen, fine liner, etc.   While we will look at using these tools our main focus will be the use of appropriate pen nibs such as Speedball Series B nibs and ink.

Many traditional scripts can be adapted to a monoline variation and there are also numerous interesting monoline alphabets.  We will only have time to look at a couple of examples in this workshop but I’m sure this introduction to monoline lettering will encourage you to explore it further.

Materials List:

·         At least 2 monoline nibs, including a medium size eg, Speedball B3 and a fine one, eg. B5 ½ or B6, or similar.

·          Other monoline pens, including a 2B or HB pencil, fine liner, gel pen and ball point pen.

·         Regular calligraphy gear, including layout pad, ink or gouache of your choice.

·         Short verse

·         An A4 sheet of better quality art paper, e.g. Canson Mi-teints or Arches HP.  This is not essential, only if you have some.
Cost is $10.00 at Sylvania Community Hall, Canberra Rd, Sylvania 1 to 4pm.
Proudly supported by Sutherland Shire Council.