Library and Latest Magazines

Dear Members,

As our new magazine comes out for the next quarter, I am reminded that Calligraphy Southscribes boasts an excellent library for the use of all of its members. The library consists of an extensive range of calligraphy books plus magazines from other calligraphy societies.

If you are attending a workshop or the Saturday meeting take some time out to use the library and perhaps borrow something. Our librarian Dorothy is always available to lend a hand and check out some books for you.

From our latest magazines;

  • Postscript (The Calligraphy Society of Victoria Inc.) - Paper Sculpture with Dave Wood; CSV's 30th Birthday; Jim Murphy an Icon Painter and Parchment & Aging Effects by Daniel Reeve.
  •   Alphabetical Order (Canberra Calligraphy Society) - Rotunda; Pop-Up Cards; Making Guidelines on the Computer and Sara's Traveling Saga.
  • The Dancing Pen (Calligraphy Society of Tasmania) - Words of Poets; Making a Japanese Treasure Box; All That Glitters is not Gold - a workshop by Deirdre Hassed.

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