I Read It in a Magazine

Dear Members and Followers,

This post is about recent magazine editions to our library.

·         New Zealand Calligraphers Newsletter – Issue 85: Spring 2013 – This edition contains reports on the Christopher Haanes Workshop held in October; Members works based on quotations for use in the magazine and a profile of Margaret Woollett.

·         ASC – Colophon – Volume 35 No.01 December 2013 – An edition with a Copperplate theme. The Sydney Copperplate Group; an Ibook preview Script in the Copperplate Style by Dr Joseph M. Vitolo; To Flourish or not to Flourish; Profiles of different Calligraphers; From Copperplate to Type and Nibs Worth of Info. 

·         Canberra Calligraphy Society – Alphabetical Order – No 189 – December 2013 – Designing an Inscription, Olivia Roberts; Reports on Workshops with Jenni Cole – Making Envelopes; Lyndell Dobbs – Paper Art; The Opening of their 2013 Exhibition (great work CCS).

·         Canberra Calligraphy Society – Alphabetical Order – No 190 – February 2014 – A special mention to Carol Perron for the exquisite envelopes she did for the magazine (here, here!). Articles on Patricia Lovett’s visit to Sydney; Workshops galore for 2014; How to Present Your Work for Exhibition.

·         Postscript – The Calligraphy Society of Victoria Inc – February/March 2014 – Massimo Polello returning to Australia; Workshop Reports – We’ve Got You Cornered, Vitalize Your Hands and Persian Filigree; Calligraphy at Kensington Palace; Heading North.

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