Copperplate Decoration

Dear Members and Followers,

Join us for the Calliarts Afternoon on Saturday 12 July when Glenis will guide us through the finer art of Copperplate Decoration.

There are many variations of Copperplate capital letters, from the basic to the very ornate.  In this workshop we will start with the elegant basic capitals and then start adding flourishing and simple decoration to give us some truly beautiful letters.  A working knowledge of Copperplate is necessary for this workshop.  However, for those members who have not done Copperplate, I will have some exercises for flourishing with a broad edged nib.  This type of flourishing can be used with scripts such as Italic.
Materials required are:  your favourite pointed nib/holder, a 2B or HB pencil, a fine pointed paint brush, ink and/or gouache of your choice, usual calligraphy gear.

Examples of Copperplate Decoration - All rights remain with the artist - Glenis Sheather

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