Uncial – Pointed Nib – Workshop 18 February 2017

Dear Members and Followers,

Yours truly is taking you through the joy of Uncial but this time time with a pointed nib.

Many calligraphic hands lend themselves to the lightweight texture of the pointed nib and you will also find that pointed nib work has a certain gracefulness about it.

This one day workshop will utilise a pointed nib to create the uncial script instead of a traditional chisel-edged nib (it will not be the modern uncial script previously taught).

Materials List:

·        Usual calligraphy gear (ruler, A3 or A4 bleedproof or bond paper, eraser, ink or gouache, lead pencils, etc.)

·        Straight pen-holder

·        Straight pointed pen nib/s (bring what you have to experiment with. A Gillot 404 is a good start as it is a little stiffer which makes learning how to obtain thicks through pressure easier)

·        Tracing paper

Suitability – All levels.*

 * If you are a beginner to calligraphy and would like to spend the time learning Uncial hand with a chisel nib, please contact us as arrangements can be made to accommodate you on the day.

Kindly supported by Sutherland Shire Council

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