‘Fill the Space’ Calliart Workshop - Tutor Gloria Scott

Dear Members and Followers,

Despite the extreme heat, the February Calliart workshop was very well attended. It was an afternoon with lots of ideas and inspiration.

In any piece of work there is usually ‘a space to fill’ whether it is a corner, an end of sentence or paragraph or line break. Gloria had loads of samples of how these spaces might be filled. These included borders, leaves, scrolls, dots and flourishes.

We began working in pencil, practising the different shapes and swirls and then applying an idea to a text from a range of sample texts and layouts Gloria provided. Along the way we were gently reminded of good calligraphic practice – “always work it out in pencil first.........don’t rush your work.......be careful not to cramp the flourishes.........they should appear to be free......don’t overdo it!’

Later in the afternoon we were treated to a demonstration of Gloria’s signature ‘space fillers’ – a floral motif. We were spellbound as she modelled and fashioned a range of leaves and cascading flowers with a flick and sweep of her favourite sable brush!

Thank you Gloria for such a satisfying workshop and for guiding us in what was a truly relaxing afternoon.

Report by Ronda Gaffey

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