Calliarts - Mystery Box – Valerie Keevers

Dear Members and Followers,

October's Calliarts is a Mystery Box with Valerie Keevers. So what is the Mystery Box? Well, you'll just have to come along and see!

MYSTERY BOX.   Requirement List.

·   1 sheet Liviano Heavy Card 300gsm A2 size (58 x 41 cm) any colour.This is available at Eckersly’s for $2.60.

·   Watercolour paper 190gsm or Canson paper in white or pale contrast colour to card, cut into     7 x 7cm squares.  (26 for every face or as many as you need.  You can use off cuts you may have at home.)

·         Cutting mat and craft knife.

·         Sharp scissors.

·         Glue stick and double sided tape.

·         Pencil and steel ruler.

·         Any Bond type paper you have for making the patterns.  (Butcher’s paper or Cartridge is good).

Optional extras.

·         Calligraphy pens and ink for Alphabet decoration if time allows.  (This can be done at home later).

·         Decorations if using, eg. Cut out designs, small photos, small shell s etc.   (This can be done at home later).

Okay, I'll let you in on the mystery:

This box opens out to reveal the secret layers inside.  There can be one or two internal layers depending on what you wish to display inside.  Make it with three layers and using all the faces on inside and outside gives 26 areas which is ideal as a script exemplar.  Photos can be added for a family box, shells, buttons, your artwork are all suitable for inclusion in the mystery box. Develop the box with your own creativity which is then a fun talking point.

Saturday 14 October - 1pm to 4pm - Sylvania Community Hall

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