Calliarts - October 2018

Dear Members and Followers,

The Calliarts for October is working bee for the Exhibition, in which we will be creating letters to decorate the exhibition hall with and to show the range of calligraphic styles available.

Today we will have fun drawing and painting large letters for use as decorative flags to brighten the hall walls. Black and white paper will be supplied. Bring any ideas or think about your favourite letter and how good it will look in the hall. Ideas will also be supplied that can be traced if you are not too sure how to go about things. Letters can be as fancy or plain as you like they just need to be colourful.

Materials List:

Usual kit of pencils, eraser, ruler etc.
Large pen nibs and paint/ ink if you do not want to draw letters.
Paints and brushes, water jar and tissue or rag.
Coloured pencils if you prefer not to paint.
White paint or bleedproof white ink for working on black paper.
Tracing paper.
Gold paint, gold foil and Glue base, Silver ink etc. if you want to give letter some highlights.
Proudly supported by Sutherland Shire Council

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