Tiny Writing in March

Dear Members and Followers,

One of our newer members Cherrie took us through elements of a workshop she had attended at SSIW. Cherrie was well prepared with lots of notes and examples for us; and began the class explaining the knowledge she had gained, how to apply it (the uses of tiny writing) and the tools you could use to create tiny writing.

With all good lettering, spacing and consistency are critical and tiny writing is no exception. We first attempted some lettering by “just having a go” only to discover that both our spacing and consistency just did not cut it. Cherrie was prepared for our inexperience and produced graph paper with loads of examples and even more graph paper to enable us to work our way through the examples producing much better results. It was surprising how long it took to work our way through all of Cherrie’s examples with all our writing tools, ensuring care and accuracy at all times. I found writing on the graph paper centred my thoughts and gave me much better results when I began to write on good paper.
As the saying goes “From little things, big things grow” and this certainly was true with the March Calliarts, while writing tiny we produced big results. 

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