Modern Carolingian Workshop Report

Dear Members and Followers,

Glenis provides us with a great report on the full workshop in June:

Saturday, 20 June 2015
Tutor:  Patricia Moody

On a cool, winter day 14 students were very snug inside a small function room at Sutherland’s Club on East, where we spent the day exploring the Carolingian hand and some script variations.

Pat started the workshop by giving us a brief history of the script and showing us examples from books, as well as her own pieces and those of members Valerie Keevers and Penny Laver.

Then it was time for us to start practising a French style Carolingian, complete with the characteristic small body height, tall ascenders, heavy clubbed serifs and wider interlinear spacing.  This was followed by making our x-height slightly larger and using small entry serifs.  Writing with a 10o slope I found myself lapsing into Italic letters at this stage.  More concentration needed!  Our final variation was to write the letters sans serif, with the suggestion that we also compress or extend the letters.  These combinations gave a modern look to the script.

With time running out we wrote some prose on better quality paper.  Our show and tell display gave us all a chance to see what everyone else had been doing.  Carolingian written on paper with washed backgrounds looked particularly effective.

Armed with a large supply of handouts we have no excuse for not continuing to play with further variations at home, including trying English Carolingian on which the modern Foundational hand is based.

Thank you Pat for an enjoyable workshop and for introducing some, and reacquainting others, with this lovely, versatile script.

Glenis Sheather

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