Calliarts Report

Dear Members and Followers,

13th June
18 calligraphers met at the Sylvania hall for a calliart session, of the art deco style monoline script.

Our tutor Glenis  Sheather showed us various advertising posters showing the art deco monoline script,
and patterns, which can be used with the script.
Then Glenis demonstrated how to hold the pen correctly and went through the alphabet letters, using the speedball pen stressing that you do the letters slowly, so you get the correct finish on the letters and no sharp endings.

We all received 6 exemplars showing the letters and patterns.

All the class were very enthusiastic to begin. There were a few ooh's and arr's when we began, but the end result at the show and tell was very impressive.

Thank you Glenis for a very enjoyable and relaxing afternoon.

Kay Pittman

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