Ondine - June 16 - Calligraphy Workshop

Dear Members and Followers,

Come along to our June calligraphy workshop and enjoy the hand of Ondine. We are one of the few calligraphy societies that teach this script so don't miss out. Our tutor will be Gloria Scott.

"This is a very attractive letterform, with many applications, particularly
useful  as it does not have long ascender or descender strokes,
great for cards, envelopes, etc.   Beginners welcome as it is very
achievable in a one day workshop."

  • Calligraphy gear as usual
  • plus coloured pencils
  • graphite pencil 2B or 2H
  • two or three pieces of light cardoffcuts of A4, strips etc, don’t go to any expense over this
  • chisel edge pens, eg. speedball 3 or 2, Brause, Mitchell equivalent.
  • ink or gouache
Gloria Scott - copyright   

Calligraphy Southscribes, Inc. proudly supported by Sutherland Shire Council

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